Private Party

A private shopping party creates a signature atmosphere for a refreshing type of retail therapy. Our squad will take extra special care of you and your guests to ensure you have an exceptional experience and fun time of shopping and socializing at Sundee Best. 

 There is no charge to host the party, all the group must do is promote it to their fashionista friends!

Sundee Best will supply:

  • Two (2) bottles of champagne (if the party is 21 and over) or
  • Two (2) gallons of your preferred drink (if the party is 21 and under) 
  • One (1) Sweet Treat for the guests
  • One (1) Appetizer for the guests 

The party host & guests are also allowed to bring in outside food and drinks if they wish. Sundee Best will provide the set-up needs such as table, extra chairs, plates, forks, napkins etc. Parties typically last two hours & can be booked on any day based on availability!

There are two ways to party: 

#1: Percentage Off Guests’ Purchases Party

If you are looking for a fun way to spend time with friends, host a sisterhood event, birthday party, moms night out social, or put a unique spin on your organization’s networking opportunities AND shop for your fabulous wardrobe? Experience a transformed way to shop by hosting a private party with Sundee Best bringing fashion to your fingertips and maximizing social time with friends! And best part, as a host we’ll give you a darlin’ gift and your gals can enjoy 15% off their purchases at the party! 

#2: Fundraiser Party 

If you are looking to host a fun and turnkey fundraising opportunity for your organization or philanthropy, we are your next best friend!! The Sundee Best Squad would love to help you host a Trunk Show to raise money for a great cause. Currently, we kindly donate 20% of total sales (after taxes and fees) to your favorite charity, service project, or non-profit! Our squad is committed to giving back and serving others!

Check out the Helping Others section for more information on how to host a fundraising event and donate a percentage of the sales to your favorite charity!

Treat Yourself!

Have a big event this weekend, need the perfect dress for a last minute planned social event, or between work, life, family, and life you never find time to shop?? Sundee Best can help! When available, Sundee Best will schedule private appointments for the busy fashionista delivering a hassle free shopping experience to enjoy in between life, family, school, careers, and everything in between! Give us a call to schedule!

We do reserve the right to only schedule private appointments that are compliant with our policies. All private appointments are based on availability of a Sundee Best Squad Member.


Cheers Y’all from Sundee Best

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