Sundee Squad In Real Life--Paige Godwin

Posted on October 23 2017

Paige Godwin

Year in School:
After 4 years plus a victory lap..VT Class of '14  baby, and now an official townie!
Spirit Animal:
Definitely Princess Jasmine, which is why it was always so annoying that my friends made me dress up as Cinderella as a child... I could totally have a pet tiger. Fierce and headstrong with the confidence of Kanye, I try to live each day like the Girl Boss that I know I am. 
When do you feel dressed in your Sundee Best?:
I feel dressed in my Sundee Best when I'm rocking a look that's easy like Sunday morning but has a bit of a punch that gives off an "I'm going to conquer anything you throw my way" vibe. I throw on a pair of skinnies, a bold lip, a flirty top, and some booties and I'm out the door.
I never leave home without:
A smile. Or at least I try... Being open to talking to anyone and everyone as you go about your day can shape your life. A simple, friendly "Hey, how are you doing today?" can open up a world of possibilities! 
Five Things You Don't Know About Me:
  • I grew up an only child, but have gotten 4 step-siblings as an adult! Now I am officially "Auntie Paige" to the most adorable funny girls, Liney and Charlie, and we are a "House Divided" (my step-brother Andrew went to UVA.. blech, I know).
  • I love all games and am super competitive, but my number one is definitely Catch Phrase!
  • I have one tattoo that says "to dance is to live" in french on the back of my neck. I know exactly what I want next but am waiting for a certain special event to happen before I get it!
  • I've gotten to dance at a bunch of really cool places and events during my life, including New Year's parades in London and Paris, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and on stage with LifeHouse at the NFL Pro Bowl in Hawaii.
  • The first time I dyed my hair was in 8th grade and I've had it almost every color under the sun, including dark purple and pink streaks! I'm not even sure what the natural color is anymore.
What does the SB Hustle Queen say about Paige?
Paige is the Sundee Squad's ACE! The fearless leader and "big sister" of the crew who has been in the industry for a few years so she has some tips and tricks up her sleeve! Paige is an all around team player and is the hardest working gal I've worked with in a very long time! She is driven, has ambition, thinks on her feet, and is always one step ahead of me when I ask her to fulfill tasks at the store! Words cannot describe how grateful I am for Paige and the endless attributes she brings to our Squad! She leads by example and I often see the younger version of me in her <3 Cheers to You for being FABULOUS and THANK YOU for all you do!

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