Sundee Squad In Real Life--Brieann Hayslett

Posted on November 07 2017


Brieann Hayslett



Spirit Animal
My spirit animal is a squirrel because I am spastic in nature and find I’m constantly scurrying around trying to get my life together.

When do you feel your Sundee Best?

When I feel my absolute sundee best is when I’m in a fire jumpsuit with heels and some red lipstick

What do you never leave home without?

One think I’ll never leave home without is chapstick because I can’t stand having chapped lips

Fun Facts About Brieann

1) in March I nearly met Billy Currington, his stage manager asked me and my friends to go backstage to meet billy but unfortunately we were not 21 so we couldn’t go since there was beer back stage and we spent the rest of our night in tears because we were just SO close
2) my favorite adventure I’ve been on was in Cunque Terre, Italy it was the most beautiful place ever with the best food as well
3) my favorite place to be as at my grandparents house because it’s surrounded by mountains and I love being with them
4)  my idol is Blake Lively because of her passion for helping people and who can resist how adorable her and Ryan are?
5) my friends often tell me my laugh is my best quality

What does the Boss Lady say about Brieann?

A sweet southern belle with a heart of gold, a touch of sass, and phenomenal lipstick game was my first impression of Brieann. From the second I met Brieann during her interview, I knew she had a special "spark" about her. Many of her answers were the same values and visions that Sundee Best already embodied and I thought; wow, who is this girl? She's right, she is a little bit of a hot mess and we have some great stories to laugh back at, but we love her for that! Brieann has brought me to tears on numerous occasions with her sweet words of concern and encouragement or simply how she has described someone else's misfortune and her passion for making a difference in our world.  Her morals shine bright and loud through the everyday challenges that young, educated women face!  

Brieann is the girlfriend you want, the girl who will pick you up in the middle of the night and not ask questions, Brieann likes to have fun and never turns down a dare, but is also content enjoying the simple things; she loves Jesus but she cusses a little too and I LOVE that about her. She's REAL, doesn't shy away from her beliefs and doesn't pretend to be anyone she's not. Watch out World, Ms Hayslett is coming for ya! 

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