Sundee Squad In Real Life--Belle Shickle

Posted on November 01 2017


Isabelle Shickle (Belle)


Freshman at Virginia Tech 

Spirit Animal:

Icing on top of the cake!!

When do you feel dressed in your Sundee Best?:

I'm dressed in my sundeeee best during gamedays and out for brunch on sundays!!! Any excuse to dress up; I love!!

I never leave home without:

3 essentials- 1. Chapstick 2. Gum and 3. I always have my phone on hand

Fav Team:


Fav Quote:

"God is within her, she will not fall"

Fav Food:

Anything breakfast!! And Breakfast for Dinner...The BEST!

Amazing Adventures:

I lived in Paris for 2 1/2 months by myself this past winter/early spring!

What is the Hustle Queen saying about Belle?: 

From the second you lay eyes on Belle, you are in love! A beautiful and humble soul that I am so grateful to have as part of our Team and one of our Gorgeous Models!! Belle and I had never met in person until our Gameday Photoshoot just before school started and I think it's safe to say; it was love at first sight! Her charismatic nature, easy-going attitude, genuine interest in others, and of course, her "damn good" looks are what draw you in. When she asks you questions, she cares and is listening...I love that and love that she makes that her Gold Standard.

Recently at a photoshoot, Belle had my heart exploding because of the way she talked about her love for Blacksburg and the small, college town life that many take for granted! That love and passion are what make our University so special! (Oh and she's not afraid to place some serious "bets" on the Hokies against those Mountaineers up the road!) 

This girl may be the baby of the bunch, but she's got a lot going for her and I'm excited to watch her grow as a young woman over the next few years and savor every second of her time in Blacksburg and on the Sundee Best Squad. xoxo, Ash 



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