I love not acting my age and good bbq....

Posted on October 05 2015

I think Eric Church said it best, “I love sleeping in on Saturdays and I love watching college football games, I love not acting my age and good barbeque.” Nothing makes me happier than a Saturday spent in Lane with my best friends cheering on the Hokies. Not to mention, all the great maroon and orange outfits. I have a huge passion for football and may or may not have an unhealthy obsession for Peyton Manning. I also have an unhealthy obsession for Moe’s (Moe’s Monday anyone?). I think a smile and good manners are one of the most important things you could have. Where I grew up, “ma’am” and “sir” was the only way to address someone. I still find that to be true. I love random acts of kindness and think it’s necessary to be polite to anyone and everyone. I fully believe in “work hard, play hard” and think that no matter what, you always need some fun in your life. Country music is my favorite and there’s nothing better than going to a concert with your boots and dress on. I love the beach and going out on the lake, basically anything in the sun. Every once in a while though, a lazy rainy day isn’t too bad. My family is my everything (I can’t even go a day without talking to my momma).  And I wouldn’t be able to do this crazy life without my friends who are constantly there for me. I believe in living each day to the absolute fullest and each day as your “Sundee Best!”


SB Squad Love, 

Megan Grzesiak

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Cheers Y’all from Sundee Best

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