A Genuine "Thank You" Never Goes Out of Style

Posted on September 23 2015

Today marks the first day of fall and I do love all the things that fall brings (minus the allergies)! Chilly mornings, college team flags across the neighborhood, hoodies, yummy smelling candles, open windows, football, fall booties, fabulous fashion that is also super cozy, & no doubt the infamous PSL with skim and no whip…makes my heart skip a beat (you nailed it Starbucks). You can call me basic, my sister does!  But my other favorite thing about fall is how it brings that time of reflection, acts of kindness, & being thankful as the year begins to wrap up and the holiday season approaches. So with that, I want to give a quick high-five, you’re the best, thank ya Jesus, and big ol’ hug to the family, friends, & folks who helped Sundee Best hit the road to a movin’ and a groovin’ first few months. 

My husband who takes such sweet pride in his #girlboss wife and my crazy ideas…he tells everyone about SB which makes my heart so happy, for handing out business cards in the middle of a bar, and for being so helpful…he’s even been known to cut a golf game short (love you, BG)! My sister and brother who are without a doubt my two favorites of the village. I could not go one single day without my sister’s help, advice, or suggestions. And my brother is such a marketing maniac he has his own coupon code. Ladies, you need to hit him up ☺  My mom and dad for all their work in flipping the fashion truck and letting me park it in their back yard for 3 months (keepin’ it classy)! My pappaw for building the dressing room and sweet steps and having every tool & necessity you could ever dream of when needing to complete a DIY project (he’s the best in my book). My bizman who is one of the smartest men I have ever met not to mention my favorite party animal! My god parents for always encouraging me and making sure the truck was ready to become a Fashion Road Warrior! My sweet & supa smart friend, Leigh for her assistance with all the paperwork and legal docs (glad you got that law degree, girlfriend)! Miss Haley for creating a logo that is on fire and started the journey of the SB Brand! Kristen, for being so patient and making the website perfection. Mr. Barrett for giving me a heck of a deal on an old truck just because he said my Dad had always been good to him (thanks, Dad…see kids, karma does exist)!  Mrs. Searles idea on using the drop cloths for decor (smart lady)!  My bfsb, TJ for spending countless hours listening to my ideas and helping me understand the good, the bad, & the ugly of e-commerce (soooo grateful)! That sweet gentleman at Lowe’s who helped my find all the DIY tools! The SB graphic t-shirt guru for bringing our great ideas to life…it all started in a garage!! Beautiful Miss Campbell for making the styles look fabulous for the website & forming a friendship that keeps me young! The first ever SB Interns, Dillon & Megan who lead the way in PR & Personality with their fun style & outgoing personalities!  To the many, many friends who have shared the website or their great SB outfit on social media…you guys ROCK!! My very best girls in the world (you know who you are) for listening to this idea on countless long car rides, approving graphic designs, seeing sneak peaks, and cheering me on!

And to the customers near, far, young, young at heart…you are all beautiful people and I wish I could hug each and every one of you…for the ones I have got to meet, y’all are some cool a$$ chicks! 

So there ya go, hard work, smarts, or a good idea doesn’t come together (in most cases) without the love, support, and smiles from your village! May yours be as wonderful as SB’s.  I hope you surround yourself with a forever, priceless breed of selfless, giving people! Live your Sundee Best Life & remember a simple “Thank You” never goes out of style! xoxo 

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