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Posted on April 13 2015

I am proud that I grew up a small town (and ok with the fact I don’t have plans to ever go back there.)  I believe all things happen for a reason, you should be an authentic version of yourself, hard work pays off (“be a tough act to follow”) and showing gratitude is essential (a hand written thank you note NEVER goes out of style.)  I love themes, a great outfit, college football, a great outfit on gameday (see a pattern here :-)), and ice cream with sprinkles (yea so what if I’m 30)!  I have a passion for health and fitness…I’m a 5am gym rat (morning person, say what?), believer in clean eating, but a self-proclaimed lover of chocolate milk, my mom’s biscuits and gravy, pizza, Carol Lee Donuts (Blacksburg raise up), grilled cheese, and pancakes. For me, great shoes and a kind smile portrays a woman with confidence.  I am not a fan of complainers and negativity and rainy Mondays aren’t my favorite either, but on those days I liven it up with an extra bold and bright outfit.  My husband, siblings, family and friends are my world….you might say you want me in your corner because I am a fighter when it comes to those I love and care about.  That goes for the Hokies too, I will black your eye on the spot if you are outrageously rude and “ugly” (as my Mama used to say) when talking college football; that’s my “football family” you are talking about. Did I mention I’m a hugger, handshakes are over rated! I am ok that my Type A gets the best of me sometimes and my organized, impatient-self drives others crazy, but I also love to cut myself off from the world (no cell phones or social media, please) and take it all in.  I have an appreciation for a giving soul, great ideas, and random acts of kindness. I am slightly obsessed with Pinterest, but also realistic enough to know that you can’t let it take over your life.  I love road trips; eating a dive restaurants and bars, and enjoying cold beers on a patio…I love countdowns, but also try to savor each day to the fullest.  I want to live a life that is my “Sundee Best!

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